First Week Of My Internship In LOEWE


“What if I don’t want this?” Said Andrea,

“Don’t be silly. Everyone wants this. Everyone wants to be us.” Answered Miranda.

( Illustration pose inspired and template: Grance Doré)

Since 2006, working in fashion industry, just like Andrea Sachs (Andy) worked for Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada, has became one of the ideal jobs every little girl dreams of.

Fortunately, the summer, I have a chance to do my internship in one of the fashion industries as a communication assistance, LOEWE; however, to a girl who hasn’t be in an working place like me, how to choose my outfit to go to work is a big issue, how you wear represent who you are.

First of all, being an intern, it’s inappropriate to overdress- too doozy, nor casual- too raunchy. It’s better to dress some soft fabricated and monochromatic non-printed outfit. Plus, I’m still a college student who hasn’t even graduate, hence, it’s too mature to wear business suit.

Next, it matters a lot with my duty. As an intern without payment, of course I’ll be commanded as a “cheap labor,” asked to carry those boxes to send, take in and check the items LOEWE receives; I need to walk fast, carry boxes, stand up, then squat…… any kind of hard work you can imagine.

I think it’s a brilliant idea to go to the office a day before you start your internship. What for? For observing the environment of the company, the way they wear. Last Friday, I arrived LOEWE, obly wore a simple blouse and a long black skirt, not only I can go shop for my ” office outfit,” after seeing the wearing style of the staffs but also be acquainted to my daily job, in order not to make too many troubles after I officially start the work.


This Monday, was my first day of work, what a blue Monday, I’m going to spend all of my summer before going to France in this tiny office. I wore a white blouse again, paired with a pair of dark grey knickerbockers so as to build myself a professional and an agile atmosphere, at least in my opinion.

DSC08242 DSC08249DSC08257

I’m used to carry a larger bag while studying or working, especially with lots of pockets in it, since than, I can easily sort my papers and other stuffs.


As for my shoes, I chose a pair of low-heel wedges. This pair of shoes become almost my go-to shoes everyday, it’s easy to work, nevertheless it still looks chic.

DSC08255 DSC08223

On Tuesday, there wasn’t a lot paper work, only need to worked with the computer in the office, I decided to dress up a tiny little bit. Although, worrying that there would be some hard work for me to do, I wore a pair of pant-skirt rather than a normal skirt.

DSC08267 DSC08266

Wednesday, I was told that we were going to prepare for the fashion show which was going to be on Thursday, as a result, I wore a flat in order to walk non-stop for a whole day, this flat was my favorite pair of Keds as I had introduce in my previous post.

I guess it was just like a psychological effect, I knew I was going to carry heavy stuffs around this day, so I avoided wearing complicated clothing with heave color to release my feeling.

DSC08270 DSC08272

On Thursday, it’s the Fall Winter Fashion Show of LOEWE,( Which will be my next post.) I hadn’t have time to photo my outfit, only a photo taken with my favorite blogger Pupupepe, an important of our show.During this fashion show, I was a receptionist and a guide for introducing LOEWE’s new product to the medias. Our dress code was all black. I wore a pair of black cocktail dress with glitters on it, just as the designing idea of Joyce Bag from LOEWE, be low key luxurious and vogue.


After I have passed this week, I found out that it’s really exhausted to work everyday, so different from going to school, being a student, we are only forced to study and take the exam, but as an adult, they have to finish the duties commended by their boss, the pressure is beyond words.

I’ll cherish my years being as a student.


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