LOEWE Fall Winter Fashion Show


For me, fashion is exciting, and it should be exciting whether you get it wrong or right. You have to be slightly uncomfortable with what you’re doing, and you have to be able to try to find moments of newness. – JW Anderson, LOEWE

I was told that we’ll have a fashion show, well, precisely, a press conference on 7/7, that’s only 6 day after I came here in LOEWE. This was my first time attending such a huge event as one of the staffs instead of a guest. I must said, I experienced, and learnt a lot from this event.


The easiest job of the conference must be printing the press, even though there were a lot to print, it was the only thing that I can sit in front of the computer and wait until it was done.


Since my first step in to the office on 7/1, I’ve been receiving tons of luggage and checking them one by one nonstop, from only 3 Looks in the show room, to there was hardly any spaces to walk in the show room.

DSC08298 DSC08291 DSC08283

The fun part of my job was,I can have the first encounter with all of the models.

During the model casting, I had to take casting photos for them from head to toe, in order to help my manager to choose the most suitable ones easier; during the model fitting day, I still had to record their entire look and the details. To me, it’s a little bit bizarre to order them “turn right,” “turn left,” “ok, the details” since I’m still a small intern who just be here for the first day.

Just as I thought, ” hmm, there’s no much heavy works, pretty easy huh? Every thing goes so smoothly.” The last day before the conference, BANG all the boxes arrived the office together!

Wait, what? So it’s not a common thing to be prepared maybe 2-3 days before the event in fashion industry?

Me and another intern got only 2 hours to sort the final 20 bags and 30 outfits! After that, it was time for models fitting, packing and sending all of the stuffs to the conference hall. Dear God, who said it was pretty easy? “NONSTOP,” “RUSHING,” are definitely the best terms to describe fashion industry. Also, I thought I was good at checking and sorting stuffs, just as cleaning up my room and leading the group reports in the school, why did I make so many mistakes and be scolded by the manager? I figured it out after the event finally finished, at school, as a students, most of the people aren’t chasing for “well-done,” the only thing they need is to pass every semester, it’s much more simply to command what they should do; when cleaning up the bedroom, I’m my own boss, I can use the ways that’s the most familiar to me and follow my steps; however, being in a company as an adult, every thing is totally different, what I need to do is to collaborate with others, and do it in the way that the manager prefers. That’s an important thing for me to learn due to I used to be a group leader, or finished all of the thing on my own.

DSC08312 DSC08311 DSC08313 DSC08317 DSC08314

Struggled to the conference hall, it’s way too relaxed to take the samples out and sort them into bags, accessories, women’s shoes, men’s shoes, women’s wear and men’s wear. While I was sorting the samples, I had a slight anemia caused by skipping the lunch for packing, I think I fainted seconds for quite a few times – never trade your job with your health! Luckily, we only need to do the basic decoration that afternoon, otherwise, I think I would need the intravenous injection!

DSC08321 DSC08320DSC08318

All our work finally got the reward on 7/7, seeing the conference hall turning from 0 to a simple, luxurious and fashionable hall, it worth everything.

Every thing was settled down, the press conference was ready to start! For me, I had two duties during the conference: receptionist and presentation.


I gave a reception to all of the medias and bloggers, like VOGUE, Harper’s Bazaar, ELLE, Instyle…… Although I was so excited to give them a reception and do the presentation for them, introduced the designer’s idea behind each pieces, it wasn’t as emotional as I saw my favorite idol here in Taiwan- fashion blogger Pupupepe!


A real person in front of me, who’s my idol, and is so famous, she not only a local blogger, but also a blogger who can be invited to Milan and Paris to attend fashion week. I couldn’t speak a word when I saw her, this is my first time to meet a celebrity, all I could throw out from my mouth was” I’m your reader for a long time, and I drew an illustration for you last time! May I take a picture with you?”


And the happiest thing is, she remember my drawing!



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    July 19, 2016

    this experience is so cool!

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      July 19, 2016

      Thank you~

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    July 19, 2016

    these photos are beautiful! You already can be a receptionist so early ???!

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      July 19, 2016

      lol, learning and gaining practical experiences all at once.

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