A White Blouse Week


From the second week of my internship, it could told from the way I talk that I do felt lot more confident

I’m already the youngest girl in the office, plus, I didn’t have any working experiences, I don’t want my colleagues look down on me because maybe I still have a lot to learn, I’m very capable anyway. As a result I need to arm myself (or pretend myself?) to be mature, fierce and intelligent.


We always call it “Blue Monday,” we panic, depress, anxious in the evening on Sunday, “ Ah, I don’t want to end this day.” I usually murmur before I go to bed, especially when I was reminded that I can’t sleep at night, can’t get up in the morning during the working days; however, life goes on, things that I shouldn’t do the most is to depress myself! Therefore, I usually wear bright and fun color on Monday.

This day, I wore my new yellow pants I had bought last week (this color reminded me of that delicious banana milk I drank yesterday,) since it can catch the eyes of pedestrians, I paired up a piece of white blouse to balance the colors and create a point for my look.


White blouse, even though it was blank white, I still prefer the ones with special design. This shirt, obviously, it has a huge space of lace cover from my collarbones to the outer sleeves. Most important of all, the touch of this piece of lace feels very soft! I remember that when I was in my freshman year of college, I ordered a lace dress online; however, its quality was terrible, the harsh feeling caused me itchy.


(I think I’m not going to wear this blouse under the sun, otherwise I’ll have white tattoo all over my arms.)



On Tuesday, I decided to look more feminine and dreamy. I picked up a piece of pink beige pant-skirt and white knight blouse.



In spite of I haven’t had a formal job, I don’t have earns to purchase products with high prices, I want to look expensive without breaking my bank. One of the most important things to look expensive with lower price is being attentive to buttons of the outfits, if its buttons are made by normal plastic and pinned to holes for sewing, well than, the quality of that shirt will look very cheap. Buttons of my knight blouse are glazed golden metals. They make the outfit looks more detailed and meticulous.




What we call “small weekend.” Due to its wonderful nickname, of course I would wear in casualty. Causal, but detailed, I guess you can say it’s my principle. Similar to the blouse I had worn on Monday, this shirt got a large piece of lace covered from my collarbone to my shoulder.

DSC08434DSC08430Furthermore, on the back of this shirt, it had a huge cut out!



There weren’t any reasons, I just felt like I wanted to wear this red pleated skirt. I found out that mixing cardinal red and navy blue is not a privilege for autumn, I’d been worrying if the color mixture I wore will be way too heavy. They are a perfect match.


As for my blouse, I think if I chose other piece of white top, without any prints or designs, the entire look would be boring. Those black dots really put the finishing touch of my look on this day.



I had a day-off on Friday morning for taking back my VISA of France ( Hurrah! Going to study in France as an exchange student next semester!). I knew I was going to walk quite a lot to Campus France, I wore much more casual in order not exhaust myself.

Actually, this week was my first time putting on colored pants other than black, blue and white, maybe I haven’t had enough self confidence; Maybe I hated my body; Maybe I was a little bit influenced by Iris Apfel when she said everyone nowadays looks all the same, style themselves simple and only in black and white.


It said that every women need a strips top.

Although the bright colored pant might be very eye-catching, we can pair it up with strips top, especially the simplest black/white strips, it will definitely result in magnificent effect.



Finally, if your belt has some details on it, don’t be shy to show it!  Before, I refused to tuck in my shirt,I thought it would make me look even more chubby and stupid; however, tucking in your shirt in the right way will make us look more energetic, fashionable and neat.

How to tuck our shirt to create a better look? There are different ways for different kind of design, I’ll share it next time!DSC08465

How do I look in these 5 outfits? You can share your opinions with me.

Goodnight, my dear readers.


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    Christine Tatum

    July 28, 2016

    You look fantastic!! I love the chunky necklace with the simple outfit!!

    • Reply


      September 18, 2016

      Thank you~ I really love this necklace, I wore it almost everyday during summer:)

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