Autumn Time Is Just Around The Corner


Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons.  –Jim Bishop

Autumn’s always been my favorite season of the year. During this period, I can still wear those pretty summer clothing and add a piece of jacket, boots, tights, scarf or boots to bring out a splendid look!

These days, I often underestimated the temperature due to the bright shiny sun, but the moment I stepped out of the dorm, GOSH IT WAS WAY TOO COLD TO WEAR ONLY A PIECE OF SLEEVESS BLOUSE AND SHORTS! It’s about 8∘C / 13.3∘F outside these days, so different from the autumn in Taiwan. I specially checked the weather forecaster before picking up the outfits; I will never ever be tricked by the cover again.

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Speaking of autumn, the first thing that came into my mind is- storing food, no, I mean mustard yellow and burgundy red. I chose a piece of low-back mustard knitwear to pair up this black straight skirt. Mustard always goes safe with black, but wearing plain colors would be kind of boring, why not find a black skirt with low profile dark grey prints on it?


Since my knitwear has a low-back design, I covered myself up with a long burgundy scarf, in case I wouldn’t get a cold during my walk.

dsc01406 dsc01393


It said that don’t wear over 3 colors on you in the same time, otherwise your whole look might look ridiculous and out of focus, hence, I brought my small bag with the same color as my scarf and a pair of black playboy with golden toe design corresponded my golden bracelet and hair clip.


Fall is coming, and now I’m looking forward to enjoy my first snowy season this year!


Low-back mustard knitwear: Etam

Black straight skirt: ANGEL Japan

Burgundy scarf: Galeries Lafayette

Shoes: Playboy

Bag: Michael Kors

Watch: Audaviv, using the code BUNHEADODELETTE with 10% discount.

Sunglasses: Helen Keller

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