How Could You Not Fall In Love With Annecy?


Traveling, it leaves you speechless then turns you into to a storyteller.

Annecy, located in the center of France, Italy and Switzerland and had gone through Roman Empire, The Count of Genèva, House of Savory, Kingdom of Sardinia and then, France. She is also surrounded by two rivers, Canal du Thiou and Canal du Vassé. Her multicultural appearance and the geography, make Annecy becomes the Venice of Alps.

Stepping out from the station in the morning, it wasn’t as crowded as other station in Lyon, Paris or other countries, yet, it wasn’t deserted. The whole atmosphere just made me feel so relax that I could spend a whole day just sitting anywhere, doing nothing but daydreaming.



Walking through blocks, my breath was started taken away by this quiet and pretty little town. Even though I hadn’t arrived those famous sights, the alleys already amazed me a lot! The beauty of Annecy isn’t created by modern government, they are legacies left by forefathers.


Without serious industrial pollution, river water of Annecy is so clean and green that you can always see the reflections of the town. What really surprises me these days is that there are so many trees in the cities of France; furthermore, passing through blocks, we can always find parks to spend our leisure time, not to mention a gorgeous town like Annecy! Green water matched with clear blue sky and wonderful environment, a fresh atmosphere was created around us.

Since there must be a lot of travelling blog and professional travel guides sharing the must-go sights of Annecy, like Palais de l’île, (even though it was on its repairing construction, the view was still so beautiful.)



and Cathédrale Saint-Pierre you can find all over the internet, I won’t focus on introducing them but only photos here.



The best part of travelling isn’t just about taking photos in the main street, what I also really enjoying doing is to exploring from alleys to alleys, In the alleys, I can find stores, pedestrians, animals or even a small decoration or graffiti that interest me.


When I was walking in the alley, an interesting store just shined bright in the shadow, Blonc du Nil, a clothing store selling white shirts which was full of elders with silver white hair. I guess it’s due to the climate and their bright sunshine, there will be some shops selling clothing without any colors but plain white in vacation resorts. This reminded me of the last time I went to Provence, there was also a street full of white clothing, and it felt like being in the heaven, softly surrounded by clouds.

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In order to avoid tons of tourists, we decided to have our lunch a little bit early. Here at La Bastille, we got a perfect seat for watching the beautiful view and swans while eating. It was also so lucky that this side of the restaurant wasn’t directly exposed under the sun at noon.


The famous dishes around this region are related to CHEESE. I ordered a cheese fountain, ‘guess there were at least 3 kinds of cheeses in it, and added with some tipple, when the server served us, the strong smell of cheese and wine struck my face, made me hungrier than ever. Together with potato slices, this dish had the densest mouthfeel of the world.


dsc00998A summer trip wouldn’t be completed without grabbing a cup of ice cream. I’ve seen about 3-4 ice cream shops lined up with millions of people; however, a quiet shop in the end of the road caught my eyes. Chez Poustache wasn’t as crowded as all the other ice cream shop in the front, but its quality wasn’t inferior to them.


For an ice cream shop, I think it was totally an amazing idea to put entities on the top of each flavor, like real Oreo, Lotus cookies, pineapple or macarons, for a foreigner like me, even though I can communicate in French, reading menus and imagining the flavors still happens to be a difficult thing to me, with the “instructions” like that, me and my brother could easily link that flavor of ice cream to desserts we’ve actually been familiar with.

The owner of this shop was also a nice and chatty young man. We’d noticed one thing: it seemed like the ice cream storage case was fixed in the shop, how could the shop survive during winter if they only sell ice cream? The answer of the owner truly shocked me, “I’ll just go on vacation for half a year! It’s so tired, you know lol.” This will never gonna happen in Taiwan, our ice cream shop sells ice cream in the summer, of course, but, when winter’s coming, they’ll clean up their ice cream and change into hot dessert, like sweet rice flour dumpling(湯圓). Having a vacation for half a year for workers? Um um, that’s not Taiwan.

So that was the other thing French impressed me, they won’t work to death, nevertheless, they still live happily.


After a satisfied lunch and dessert, we took our huge stomachs on a walk in order to digest. We found a route up to some place higher, since there was still 1 hours from our boat trip around the lake; I decided to go for a look.

dsc01004 dsc01007

On our way, there were only a few passengers; it was so silent comparing to the town down there, even though we were still in just a few steps from it. On the top of the road, there was a wide opening area enclose by neighborhoods. One thing special was that, on our left hand side, stood a huge castle gate; it was a museum of The Castle of Annecy. Although, my brother and I wanted to go for a look, we both knew that, not spending at least 2 hours in the museum, we wouldn’t give up discovering every detail in each floor. Hence, we made a promise that I’ll come back in the winter, to help him take a look for all the treasures in this castle museum.

dsc01018 dsc01023 dsc01021 dsc01025

dsc01030 dsc01029

As we walked down the route, it was like coming back down to earth; there were people all over the sidewalk again. We went back to the port by strolling in the back street. Watching all those flowers in Annecy, well, not only here but every city I went in France, how could they grow so well? It was like they can bloom and grow forever!.


During our walk in the backstreet, I found a shop, EXTRAVACANTA selling century-like outfits. This kind of style was my favorite; I was in love with gothic, Lolita and splendid styles- until I finally realized what matters a lot with the outfits we wear, our face shape. What a sad history of mine.

dsc01040 dsc01044

Coming back to the center of Annecy, waiting for our time to be on board, the lake was already so beautiful standing on the shore.


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As we were having our boat tour on La Belle Etoile, all I could focus on was the clear sky clean lake water; I could see our boat in the reflection. Around us, there were full of vacationers on their yacht, and women wearing bikini had a sun bath on it, how I wish that was me, lots of youths were playing wind surfing that I’ve always wanted to try, too. While I zoomed in the camera to the mountain far away from us, there were also people playing hand gliding! What a relaxing and playful town Annecy is.

According to the guide, beside the lake there were lots of private beaches; I saw one, lain with a bunch of youths wearing swim wears, and their yachts beside them.

dsc01093 dsc01104

On our way back to the port, with the pleasant wind and the boat softly moving back to the port, I felt into a comfortable sleep in the last 15 minutes…


Under the fine weather, even animals were having a great time here, look how satisfied when that golden retriever jumped into the cozy lake! I couldn’t resist its cuteness!

dsc01118 dsc01136

Still, every fairytale has their ending; I still needed to face the truth that it was the time for me to leave this paradise; let 2 piano guys who were playing joyful notes brought my journey in Annecy to a perfect ending.

dsc01128 dsc01125


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    October 15, 2016

    Beautiful photos!! Annecy is a lovely place. I love France!🙌 great post x🤗🍁

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      October 16, 2016

      Thank you~~~ I’m looking forward to go back again in winter!

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