My Lover In Grenoble, So Krep’


One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing, and devote our attention to eating. –Luciano Pavarotti

Passing through Notre Dame on the tramway in Grenoble while we are traveling or busy running errands for school stuff, I can always see a bistro with bright and bold color.



The first week I arrived Grenoble in summer, So Krep’ always caught a lot of my attention, among all the building with white or ivory colors, only this bistro chose to use bold orange and black as its icon. Also, it said that using red and the similar colors in a restaurant can encourage customers’ appetites.

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Inside the bistro, the color arrangement is correspond to their sign. The whole atmosphere is king of industrial and grocery style, also mixed with some gypsy characteristics. When I took my first step into So Krep’, it made me feel as comfortable as I’m home.

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To me, I prefer discover my favorite store and going there as many time as I can. My favorite spot in this bistro is this corner under the clock. Sitting in this place, remains me some privacy; however, I can still observing people who comes into the store or who walks by the window.


Fun story here is, I met a new friend in So Krep’. The first time I came to So Krep’ with my family, I saw a woman in all black sitting here with a cup of drink and her notebook and pen. I saw her kept rising up her head watching through the window, or went out for some cigarettes. When we finished our meal, I couldn’t help myself to ask her if she’s a writer or blogger. It turned out that she’s an author for psychological novel! So that communication was the opportunity for me to become a friend with her between generations.

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As for their crepes, I can say that it’s my favorite dish in France. I think those meals in western countries are way too much for me, it’s so hard to finish a whole set on my own. Nevertheless, So Krep’ has just the right amount for me. And their meals are still rich in fillings! That’s the best part I LOVE about them. The ones I love the most are those with chopped spinach. Especially with cheese and salmon, they are absolutely a perfect match. I always fulfilled when I cut a slice of crepe with the fillings and roll them together into my mouth.

Whenever I bite it, the crispy sound of the crepe, the juicy fillings and cheese milts in my mouth make me scream.



And their desserts, if you’re not a fan of super sweet flavor, I recommend you still take their crepe dessert. I prefer order the one with bananas and Nutella as fillings, in my opinion, this match should be the king of dessert world. If you prefer something more “adult,” and wanna warm up your body in a cozy day, the one with sweetened apple slices and gin would be a great choose, but be careful, the bottom of the crepe has an extremely strong taste of alcohol!

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The ice cream in So Krep’, I won’t say it’s not delicious; I still like them, though I’m not a super fan of dessert filled with syrup, whip cream, sugar; I need to drink 2 bottles of water in order to finish the whole cup of it. Their ice cream is really a heavy dessert.

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