One And Only Graduation Photo In Bordeaux


From kindergarten to graduation, I went to public schools, and I know that they are a key to being sure that every child has a chance to succeed and to rise in the world. -Dick Cheney


I found out that it’s a special tradition for Taiwanese- we carry our academic dress around in the last year of university to create unique memories with our friends and professors. Before, I thought every students around the world did the same thing when they are about to graduate, after being an exchange student in France; encountering so many students around the world, I knew that this is definitely the specialty of Taiwan! I brought the academic dress with me during our Les Vacances de La Toussaint (All Saints’ Day); I caught A LOT of eyes from the pedestrians while posing in that remarkable cap and gown; however, I learnt that it has to be “shameless” enough in order to get good photos.

dsc01806 dsc01829

During the late October, the temperature was changeable, in the early morning, it was so freeze outside the hotel, and I could barely talk but trembled. Fortunately I had my huge burgundy scarf I kept wearing these days to keep me warm. Under my scarf, I wore my beloved lace blouse, covered with a piece of simple black knitted top outside. Also, I was too lazy to keep changing my clothes; hence, I decided to put on the collar of the academic dress first.

dsc01846 dsc01904

Since I was on my vacation, I dress myself up with some splendid details. Recently I’m in love with exaggerate earrings; this day, in order to correspond to the red tone I wore, I picked up a pair of red leather earrings and the newbie of my sunglasses collection- champagne pink transparent sunglasses.

dsc01863 dsc01964 dsc01954 dsc01955

The reason I wore my long burgundy scarf was that, our academic dress was just a piece of plain black gown; nevertheless, I wasn’t really a fan of wearing all black; I just lay down my scarf to “ replace” our black gown while taking photos. Of course I’ll still wear a whole set of the academic dress to attend the graduation ceremony next year in June, so no worries.

dsc01891 dsc01907

My favorite part of the outfit was the velvet ochre short, it was the key point of the look. For people who have strong thighs due to any kind of exercise like me, an A-line pantskirt would be a perfect choice for you because the modification effect of its umbrella shape can create an illusion of a pair of long and thin legs.

dsc01952 dsc02207



Black knitted top: Net

Beige lace blouse: ZARA

Velvet ochre short: ANGEL Japan

Burgundy scarf: Galleries Lafayette

Shoes: Oriental Traffic

Bag: Michael Kors

Watch: Audaviv, using the code BUNHEADODELETTE with 10% discount.

Bracelet: My grandma’s

Earrings: Local beauty shop

Sunglasses: Dior



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