Like A Pure White Fluffy Bear


Make it a December to remember.


People usually say Monday blue; however, Monday has become my favorite day during my life in France. Since I’ve been cooking quite a lot every day, it’s a need for me to restore food and some daily essentials every week, which makes Monday has turned to be a shopping day.


First week of December, piazza in Victor Hugo has already filled with the atmosphere of Christmas, and speaking of Christmas, I think wearing in white and red is a uniformed color combination corresponds to this joyful festival.

dsc00360 dsc00361

Being a girl from sub-tropical country, the end of autumn in France is already so freezing for me. 2∘during daytime? Nah, it only happens like once in 50 years in Taiwan only. Anyway, the style I worn today was my favorite kind of style. During my internship in LOEWE this summer, I’ve learnt that matching totally different kind of fabrics can create an amazingly beautiful look, there’s no need to be afraid of using conflicting materials to style your outfits. Even though it’s going to be winter, I still keep some summer wears in my wardrobe, as this red pleated skirt.



Normally, we’d pair a pair of jeans or pants with big sweater; however, I’ve always thought that the whole style might look a little bit too “heavy” to me; the flappy skirt could balance the heaviness of the wool fluffy sweater. Plus, with your hair tugged into a winter cap would make you look more energetic in such a lazy cold day.




I guess it’s the dress code for myself, or, one of my symbols is metallic accessory, especially in silver and rose gold. To me, Using metallic decoration can help you get a high quality style easily. dsc00396



Last but not the least, while you’re styling yourself, also don’t forget to stay warm, nothing is more important than our health. Wearing skirt in this weather, I exposed my entire legs in the freezing wind, in order to warm myself up; I took my fur boots to cover up my bare crus, important decision!

dsc00379 dsc00414


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