Daily Makeup For December


I wear makeup for myself because I like it.

I only started doing simple makeups like eyebrows and lip colors since my second year in college, not only because my parents forbid me (nowadays, still.) but also there aren’t many students who do makeup around me. After I came to France, the culture here was totally different! Every girl I saw in campus, 95% of them wore beautiful makeups with their own styles.

Influenced by the atmosphere, I started put some eyeshadows on my face since September, which, hasn’t been a long story, though.

dsc00556 dsc00558

After my skin care routine, I directly use my beloved CC stick (light beige) from ZA Japan. Blended out with soaked beauty blender, will brighten up your foundation makeup, look more pure and transparent.

dsc00559 dsc00560

Then I use Dior Fix It #025 to conceal some red blemish on my face.


So far, I only own 2 eye palettes with me: Dior Eye Reviver and Sephora The Delicate Palette; however, it’s already enough for me.

dsc00563 dsc00565

I have a pair of sleepy eyes; hence, my first step is always using this primer color (1) to lighten up the corners of my eyes and the entire eyelids.



To mitigate my puffing eyes caused by some personal health problem, I put on some light ocher (3) from the same palette, but remain a little bit in the middle.


dsc00570 dsc00572

It’s time to add some timid color! As I’ve mentioned just now, since my eyes are puffing, I’ll avoid red and the relevant colors while doing my eye makeup, in order not to make my eyes pop out even more. These days, I’ve been in love with using dark heliotrope (3), it doesn’t contain too much red, instead, the color is closer to blue; however, it can still make your makeup looks girly, not too cool and harsh.

dsc00563Then, I use some chocolate brown gel eye liner (6) to add lightly on my outer corner.

dsc00568 dsc00573

For high light, I tapped a little amount of blanched almond (4) in the middle of the eyelids and the inner corner, this color is lighter and brighter than the primer I used in the beginning. Also, I add it on my brow bones to make them more clear-cut.

dsc00574 dsc00575


Finally, comes to the eyeliner. I don’t suit wings well, so I only draw alone my natural eye lines. Recently I’m using the indigo liquid eyeliner from Sephora, different from black eye liner, which will make me too mature and fierce, indigo is a better color to emphasize the color of my eye balls in a natural way. Too bad that I totally forgot to take a photo for my brow pen, it’s Sourcils Poudre powder eyebrow pencil from Dior, I chose #693 dark brown


Whenever I’m using dark eyeliner, I don’t prefer adding blushes, to me, it might make my makeup way too fancy and out of focus. Nevertheless, last but always not the least, my finishing touch: lip colors. According to the light-colored outfit today, I chose this lip syrup from Missha, in an elegant and joyful color.


Of course, I’m still in a learning process of makeups, share me your thoughts and your daily makeup! By the way, secretly telling you that, there might be a small giveaway next year, so, you can also share me your wish list.