Hello Again, Annecy


Take a trip alone; don’t miss the opportunity to learn something about yourself.

During the Christmas break, most of the international students travel to other countries for short visits; however, what I never understand is, why don’t they never want to pay visits to cities in France except for Paris? I’ve discovered so much in France during my life time so far, Bordeaux, Lyon, Annecy, Paris, Avignon, Nice, Monaco( Okay I know it’s not a part of France.), Nimes, Arles, Fontaine de Vancluse and so on. Every place in France is so worthy of visiting, hence comparing to be so hasty to “travel” all over the Europe, I prefer to deeply discover every beauty and detail one by one.

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The day after Christmas, I went to this breath-taking town, Annecy again; however, this time, I was on this small trip all alone. Best thing about traveling alone is that if you pop up with a thought, you can just directly follow your instinct.


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After I get off from the train and have a little walk along the river, I saw this interesting wooden restaurant, Le Chalet, from outside to the decoration are based on wood, look like the wooden house in the Christmas market. Seeing an Asian girl sitting alone by the table aroused people’s curiosity, lots of them came to have so short friendly talk with me. To my surprise, people nowadays know Taiwan more, and hearing that I’m from Taiwan even interested them more.

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I think different from summer, filled with bright and lively color; winter of Annecy made me feel more artistic. Normally, visitors in winter are fewer than in summer, during this season, Annecy was quieter; you can freely stroll down the street without keep bumping into pedestrians.

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Although the temperature was freezing cold, I still felt really relaxed walking along the lake, the broad vision of the view just made me feel so refreshing.


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What more special was, during Christmas season, there was also a Christmas market in Annecy. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring much cash with me that when I saw a stand selling delicate wood craft, I couldn’t buy it……


It was so hard to think about leaving Annecy, this gorgeous town; however, it is said that the most beautiful thing usually doesn’t last long. Guess I’ll just keep coming back to enjoy such a wonderful me time in the future.

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    December 30, 2016

    Beautiful pix n post

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      December 30, 2016

      Thank you ~ I think I put too much photos than word, but just couldn’t decide which not to post 😂

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