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Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. – Winston Churchill

Bad timing for my exam- it was held on 5th January that I couldn’t spend a whole time celebrating New Year and handing out with friends! Anyway, people usually have new resolutions every New Year; however for me, I don’t actually have those so-called “New Year resolution.”

I always come up with new things that I want to do and new goals that I want to achieve. Since the middle of 2016, my life had changed a little bit. In the summer vacation last year, even though I was just a small intern, I still stepped one step into the glorious fashion industry- as community assistance in LOEWE, also held my first ever Fall winter fashion show.

Since my experience in LOEWE, I started to reconsider my future career with the industrial environment and the future going of the market if I stay in one position of a specific brand, which made me decide to consider social network as a formal job. Hence, I take my blog, Facebook page and Instagram more serious than before, I also started to post more beauty post/ short films on Instagram and interact with my followers more in order to attract followers from my country. The most exciting part was that- I launch a YouTube channel!

Also, I’ve been being the first exchange student to Europe, to France in my college department, what made me more special is that, it was so unusual to exchange to a different department- a public policy and administration student in Taiwan, an economic international student in France but want to do fashion for her career? Bold move!

I think I’ve grown a lot in 2016. In 2017, wish myself to keep creating magic in my life!

2017 GOALS-



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