My Room? The Combination Of Otaku And Girly Style

My room is a place where I stay comfortable and myself, nobody can, nobody shall disturb me.

There are 1 and a half rooms belong to me in my house. Why’s 1 and a “half?” That’s the thing you’re about to find out in the end of the post, but first, that’s start with the major bedroom where I spend most of my time.


First of all, let’s talk about my storage space. There are 2 reasons why there isn’t enough shelves in my room:

  1. My parents forgot that I’d grow up in the future, like became an university student as now; they thought I didn’t have too many things… ( Yes, when I was a kid when we were planning to buy this house.)
  2. Our interior designer, well, that’s a thing that our family has kept wondering- he didn’t design enough storage spaces for us.

Hence, I need to buy other cabinets by myself in order to storage my things.

Maybe you’re wondering, why do I need so many places to keep the stuffs? Here the answer: I’ve been collecting too many small things since I had memories, plus, I’m that kind nostalgic girl who isn’t willing to throw away her things.

For example, these tiny dolls,dsc02510 dsc02511

CDs, novels,dsc02433

I also got too many stuff animals. they’re my loves.dsc02434 dsc02512 dsc02513

The left hand side of my desk is my working and studying place, most of the text book for GMAT, IELTS… and the stationary are here. Other reason is that I’m right-handed, it’s easier for me to pick up other things while I’m writing,

like picking up the phone.
dsc02431 dsc02449

We bought this telephone in an antique shop. It was a tiny little store, full of exquisite products. dsc02520 dsc02515 dsc02517 dsc02516

On my right, stands my accessory box, diary and my schedule. dsc02514 dsc02519

Behind the desk are the wardrobes, part of my clothes are folded in the cabinet like t shirts and jeans, otherwise, hanging up all of our clothes, there will never be enough wardrobes for us.dsc02505 dsc02506 dsc02507 dsc02508 dsc02446 dsc02428

To decorate the plain white wall, your accessories can be a perfect decoration. I chose some of my bigger and longer earrings and necklaces to hang on the wall, that way, when people walk into my room, they’ll see my colorful collection first.dsc02425 dsc02503

Also, I take out the post cards I bought in the exhibitions and the ones sent by my friends and myself around the world, kind of recording my path of life.

The way I hang up the post cards is that I used some ribbons and washi tapes to tape them with the back of the post cards, after that, I rolled the head of the ribbons into a circle, stick them onto the wall. In this way, I won’t destroy the post cards nor the wall, if I feel like redecorate my room some day, it’ll just be a piece of cake.dsc02502 dsc02500

Going on is the place where I sleep. What’s more special here is that under my bed, are 3 huge cabinets! I put all of my things which I’ll no longer need, yet, really sentimental to me in them.dsc02423

More books, more dolls and more stuff animals. Actually, I think I only got 20% of places to lay down.dsc02441 dsc02440 dsc02438

In the end of the bed, there are still some places remained. Before, it was a little bit messy because I just place my books, papers and other mess. Now, with me growing up, it had became my vanity. I store all of the hair dresser, cosmetics and skin care products here. dsc02436 dsc02437

Last but not the least, what I said in the beginning that I have 1 and a half rooms in my house. The last 1/2 of my room is placed in the attic. In this part, I put my long, formal dress, hats and any kind of coats here, by the way, more stuff animals.

I’ve never seen this as an inconvenience, just a way to force myself to do some easy exercise everyday, or I’ll stick my body in the chair all day long. dsc02442

Share me if you have any trick to store your thing in the room! Or what interests you in my room that you want me to write another post about it?

I really admire those who can have a minimal room, minimal closet or minimal whatever, I always feel so guilty to throw things away, hence, my belongings just keep accumulating day by day.


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