How I Style My Long Coat

Style is something each of us already has; all we need to do is find it. –Diane Von Frustenberg

Everybody has their own formula to style some of their particular single items; me, I got my own way to put together my items with this long grey coat I’ve been in love recently.

First of all, I have 1 DON’T.

I don’t wear the skirt that’s only a little bit longer than my coat.

In that case, my skirt won’t be easily nipped by the edge of the coat, neither do I need to be worried about whether my panty will appear with every step I move. Well, you won’t need to keep worrying about it unless you wear the skirt that’s shorter than the coat; but I seldom wear mini skirt anyway, not so confident with my tights.

Following up, are my “rules “about styling long coat.

Long x Long x High

Before, I always thought that it was a taboo to pair long skirt with long coat; however, I finally found out that there will never be some taboos between 2 items, the only thing we need to pay attention to is their fabric and texture.

One of the rules I really love to use while styling is to create the contradictory; take my long coat, for example, it has heavy fabric and thick texture; hence, the better way to put together long skirt with long coat is to drag a piece of outfit made by thin fabric like chiffon, that way, the whole look will become and fresher and more chic, rather than looks like a pair of PJ that’s out of spirit.

But since not all of us have the luck to own a perfect body like Victoria’s Secret angel, wearing long skirt will easily shorten our height, especially it’s mixed with long coat; we can still create the “illusion” by ourselves- high heels! I’ve read some articles said the longer your wide pants or skirt is, the higher shoes you should wear; I agree to wear heels but I think 5-6 cm is the enough height for a girl in 163- 165 cm, higher than that, to me it’s a little bit too much, looks too oppressive.

Loose x Tight x High

The second rule is the simplest and the most basic, there’s nothing really special about it, but I think this rule brings out the best outcome, guess that’s why lots of people think minimalist is the best.

Again, it’s about contradictory, due to the coat looks loose, I’d prefer to pair it with tight pants, straight is my beloved.

Just a little trick, fold the legs to the ankle while pairing with heels, since they are the thinnest parts of your legs, show these parts will make you look taller and slimmer.

I’m not a formal stylist, what I share is just something works the best for me, everybody has their own way to style their single items, maybe you have some opinions different from me or disagree with me, I’ll absolutely be happy because that’s the thing I’d love to read in the comment.

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