Denim Blue, Casual But Chic.

In the right denim, a girl can conquer the world.

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Normally, I don’t pursue the latest trends every year, of course, it’s kind of odd that a blogger who identifies herself as “fashion blogger” doesn’t follow the newest fashion; nevertheless, I prefer to follow what I love than follow the trend- I love to create my own kind of statement. And that’s the reason why you can’t usually find some seasonal items in my outfits.

YET! This year, my fashion rule has changed a little bit. No matter how hard I tried to avoid putting those seasonal items on my body, I still couldn’t resist the charm of long pleated skirt. Before, I was so afraid to try on long skirts because I felt like my butt was too big and my legs were too short to conquer long skirt (well, typical girl’s criticize of her own body.), this winter, while I was shopping for my new outfits, I found out that if we learn our body well, and know how to choose the right outfits according to our body shape, there will no longer be lots of unwearable clothing hung in our wardrobe. Speaking of this, how about writing an article about what kind of rules I follow while shopping for my outfits next time?

Anyway, for today’s outfit, of course my heroine was this dark blue long skirt. What I love the most about this skirt is that if you look closer and carefully to it, it’s a little bit shimmering, but not too exaggerated. The fabric of this skirt is velvet, kind of hot for this summer-like weather recently; however, the big cut-off on the side of the skirt makes it drafty and more acceptable to wear under the sun.

Following one of the rules I’ve mentioned in my previous post (read me here.), I love to style my long bottom wear with short or tight top and high heels. Today, I chose this denim crop top to balance out the length of the skirt and prolong my legs.

To me, I prefer to put only one or a set of eye-catching item; as I’ve already put on this outfit with strong, deep colour, I chose to wear light makeups and thin accessories just to add some delicate final touch.

Et voilà, I’m ready to go to my French class.

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