Let’s Save The Day Together! Powerpuff Girls Exhibition In Taiwan

Once anagin, the day is saved. Thanks to the Powerpuff Girls! -Narrator

For Traditional Chinese version, please visit: |妮芮去看展|加入飛天小女警的團隊一起拯救小鎮村

Powerpuff Girls this cartoon had been in my memory since I was young. I loved to watch when that huge telephone with a red nose rang and that petit mayor asked for Powerpuff Girls’ help; I‘d been so afraid when that wicked and evil “HIM” showed up; I’d been eager to know Ms. Sara Bellum’s face and wanted to climb up the TV to find out…… Even though Powerpuff Girls will always be 3 5-year-old little girls forever, this cartoon which started to broadcast in 1998 on Cartoon Network is just like my friend at the same age that grows up with me.

Morning, around 9:30am or 10:00am is my favorite time to enter an exhibition, there’s no need to take photos in a rush, there won’t be a circumstance that you’ve taken dozens of photos but none of them could be post to your social media or be a beautiful memory. Going to an exhibition this early could make me read the description at ease and I can keep taking and retaking pictures without worrying that I might bother other people.

Start from the background story of Powerpuff Girls. Professor Utonium was trying to develop a little girl with his monkey assistance in his lab (So… did anyone ever wondering why a single grown-up man wanted to make a little girl?), his added sugar, spice and everything nice in his flask; however, Professor Utonium accidentally spilled chemical X into the mixture, instead of creating his” perfect little girl, “chemical X gave them power. Plus, his naughty monkey caused a chaos in the lad made the mixture exploded, in this mess, Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup was born. Nevertheless, effected by the explosive impact and the chemical mixture, the brain of monkey assistance had an abrupt change and became the biggest foe-Mojo Jojo.

Welcomed by Professor Utonium, we arrived a small mirror room. In here, we can learn the history of Powerpuff Girls from 1995- the time before it officially broadcasted on Cartoon Network. In the oldest period, the mayor looked different, kind of like the bigger size of that white little man in Pink Panther; the girls had longer legs. The design became what we used to see after 1998. As the time pass by, technic used by the Powerpuff Girls had evolved, too, before, the girls used a interior telephone with a big red nose, now, it was replaced by 3 iPhones.


Following up, we came to a room where Powerpuff Girls were born- lab of Professor Utonium. The benefit of holding this exhibition at National Taiwan Science Education Center is that the equipment Professor Utonium uses isn’t just looking “real,” they really are the equipment used for science research. Plus, the formula written on the white board is truly the formula for neuropotential.

Different from the cold tone of the lab, the girls’ bedroom was full of pink tone and bright color. There were lots of pillows floating in the room as they were having a pillow fight. Not only do Powerpuff Girls in modern days have their own iPhone, they also have an iPod player in the bedroom, they have a life better than me. But isn’t it kind of negative to let them uses so many modern technic at their age?

One of the corners that I loved the most in this exhibition is a short runway. In this place, boys and girls could make their dream come true by dressing up like one of the team members of Powerpuff Girls. Moreover, with the arrangement of the lights and design, even a normal person with a normal camera could take a fashionable photo.

Of course, their life wouldn’t be so dramatic and exciting if there are no other characters. Although they didn’t have descriptions for each of the character, the exhibit items had already shown the characteristics of them.

In the last section of this exhibition, there were tiny drawing places where we could follow the guidance and draw Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup and Mojo Jojo; however, whenever I’m watching this kind of instruction, I couldn’t help but think” it’s no way as easy as it seems!”

So once again, the day is saved, thanks to the Powerpuff Girls for coming to Taiwan!

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