What To Wear To A Job Interview For A Freshman In Summer?

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” –Eleanor Roosevelt

After being a new PR  for a month, I think it’s time for me to share how I use the minimum time to create my interview looks that are suitable for almost every kind of job interview.

Is it necessary to wear suit?

Your outfits are a kind of language. Normally, only insurance, financial and aviation industry or those who need to wear uniform while they are working need to prepare suit for their job interview. No matter you’re a male or a female, choosing suit to attend an interview for a freshman is a really dangerous choice.

There are many rules for wearing a suit, especially when this suit needs to match your body shape accurately. If there’s an error for more than 3 mm, when people look at you, they will feel something’s wrong with your body.

Furthermore, new graduates should be energetic, that’s our “patent,” putting on a suit will make us grow at least 15 years old elder than our age.

During summer, if you want to be both professional and youthful, chiffon blouse will be your perfect choice.

My 4 armors for interviews

This was my first time going to job interviews. Without having any work experience, I wasn’t going to limit myself on which industry to choose, only focused my path on marketing or PR.

I wore pants to all of my interviews since skirts usually give people a felling of cute, dreamy, sweet and love to style herself up, rather than professional, mature and steady. Plus, the length of skirts is kind of hard to measure: too long would seem old-fashioned, too short would seem inappropriate.

My first interview in June was a PR assistance in fashion industry, I chose a dark navy blouse that the founder of this brand loved the most, also, the pleasant color would make the manager think that I could be a steady employee. As for the bottom-wear, I paired a pair of ivory ankle-length pants.

It’d be too rigid if there were only 2 colors that were similar to black and white, so I added a rose pink belt to match me bag. And due to I was wearing in soft texture, wearing a pair of metallic high heels would elevate the quality of your outfits and create some eye-catching points.

To an interview of an advertising company, I’ve learnt that their lucky color was black, hence, I decided to go with classic color scheme- black and white. Plus, from there website and the video they made, it seemed that this company defined themselves as a group of workers who contribute in backstage. I wasn’t going to wear any accessory except for the watch. Minimalist was the main point for this time.

In a new-established travel experience company, their image was youthful and enthusiastic, I chose to wear in all white. But most of the time, all-white outfits are connected to high fashion, this time, I picked up a piece of polka-dot blouse to look cuter.

And of course, if I could go to this company to interview again, I’d also give up wearing high heels. I’ve discovered that companies founded recently are usually more casual than formal, wearing wedges or flats will be enough.

Last interview was PR executive of technology industry. In these fields, what you wear and your style isn’t an important thing, all you need is to be clean and neat. Referenced to the yetties on the internet- white top and black suit trousers, I wanted to match the environment, yet not giving up my personality, besides choosing the same polka-dot blouse, I wore a pair of dark navy straight.

Although black and white are the colors that are easy to matched, never tired of watching and fashionable, these colors have”no color” for chromatic, a they couldn’t enhance a person’s energy; on the contrary, though dark navy blue seems almost like black, different from black, it can bring out some color blue and increase our vitality!

What about makeups?

We can’t deny that first impression is really important when it comes to meeting new people, for most of the occasion, people still see wearing makeup as a kind of politeness.

However, what kind of makeup look is suitable for a job interview?

Actually, it’s enough to wear just a little bit, we’re not applying for makeup artist after all, there’s no need to show your professional makeup skills to the manager.

I prefer to spent less time on doing make up in order to leave myself 1-2 hours before to arrive the company, and stay in a coffee shop near by to practice again, plus, to calm down.

For the face lotion and sunscreen, I like to use hydrated product to avoid becoming oily in this humid summer time.

After that, I’ll apply a little bit of oil-controlled BB powder only to my nose, eyelids, apple chick and chin.

As for eye color, I prefer to use natural colors.

For eyeliner, I only draw it along my eyes shape instead of do wings.

And since my natural eyebrows are dark enough, I only apply some lightly on the brow end.

Of course, I’ll always need some lip color to add some energy.

I’m used to apply lip balm first as the fundationbefore having any lip color.

And I always think that orange is a color that’s perfect for summer time, especially when it’s lip gloss, the transparent effect will make the orange seems pinker and cuter.

I’ll always tie my hair in a pony tail or bun when I’m going to an interview, in this way, I can be more focused on what the manager is asking without annoyed by the long hair.

Besides, even if you’re just moving away some hair from your nose, touching your hair while an interview will make the manager thinks that you are respecting this meeting.

At last, my must have for a job interview!

Most of the people apply their job through an HR agency, while your during an interview, usually the manager has already printed out your CV; however, I still prepared my own business card, CV and portfolio these 4 times.

Since I wasn’t graduated from marketing, designing and business department, a portfolio and designed CV are even more important for me, I need to show the manager that I still have the ability as being PR even though I wasn’t major in relevant majors.

And according to the type of the companies, I designed 2 kinds of CV and portfolio: one was classic, neat and chic, the other was more fun and exaggerated.

Why do you need to bring business if there’s already your CV?

Handing over your business card after giving your CV is a trick to make the manager has more impression on you because when the manager receives your business, as politeness, he or she will speak again your name in front of you.

I also prefer to wear watch instead of using my phone to check time. Keep checking time on your phone will easily make you be out of focus like scrolling Facebook and Instagram “a little while.” Nevertheless, you’ll make a bad impression if the manager comes in while you’re using the phone, he’ll think you’re not taking this interview seriously no matter what you’re actually doing with it.

It’s also important to put a pan in your bag since sometime, you might need to fill some documents and have a small text before the interview.

Last but not the least, a pack of wet tissue! This can help you remove the messy eyeliner and your sweat after walking under the extreme hot sunshine and cool yourself down from the stress, make you look refreshing again!

To put it briefly, to succeed from a job interview, is by using so little trick in order to gain some bonus for yourself.

Before going to my job interviews, I never believed that those tiny details would ever effect the outcome. After I finished the interview and saw the manager smiled and nodded after sizing me up my bag, stockings, walking…… I BELIEVED. Now I believe that every single detail during an interview, even the manager didn’t point out will by one of the considerations for whether you’re going to be hired.

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