Just Another Refreshing Outfit And Makeup For This Summer

Youth is in a grand flush, like the hot days of ending summer; and pleasant dreams thrall your spirit, like the smoky atmosphere that bathes the landscape of an August day. -Donald G. Mitchell

I have a feeling that this summer will last forever,


Because it’s already the end of August and there’s no sign that the weather is going to become cooler.

I don’t know about you, but in Taiwan, people tend to dress in the outfit with darker color or with achromatic color, like black, white, grey, navy blue…… These are the colors that can make people feel more comfortable and safer with their body shape. As for me, I prefer to go with brighter color that can show my passion and personality.

Usually, when I’m wearing bright color, I like to style it up with achromatic color, to embellish them; however, I felt like to wear a dress with complementary colors for today’s fashion illustration course. After all, it’s summer time, why not dress yourself with fun color scheme?

Now that I’m in my 20s, I can finally fit in my mother’s clothing. Fashion is, if the outfit suit you and you know how to style it in your own way, its beauty can last forever- even if it’s a piece of clothing from 10 years ago or more.

Anyway, speaking of wearing complementary colors, don’t you think they are really hard to style and will make you look ridiculous easily?

What’s my trick to dress complementary color?

At least for me, managing bight and complementary colors into 1:1 ratio will make me seems short and chubby. Regarding my body shape ( read here to learn about it.), the best way to style these kind of colors should be less than 3:2 ratio.

Even though both of the colors are eye-catching, they are still an embellishment for one another.

What I love the most about this dress is that although they are complementary, the wave patterns includes the same yellow with my top, make my look become more coordinate.

As for my footwear, it’s enough to put on a pair of plain white Keds, just enough to bring out the uniqueness of the dress.

I’m not a makeup artist, I don’t love to put much beauty product on my face either, especially during summer.

Now that I’ve begun earning my salary, I replaced most of the makeups to DIOR, because in my opinion, I care a lot about the value of the products which I put on my face.

Before doing my makeup, I’ll always apply a few drop of lotion of DIOR Hydra Life. Hydra Life series have been my favorite skin care product since 2015. Under the humid weather of Asia, Hydra Life won’t be too sticky that will make you feel uncomfortable, I also love to massage my brows and eyes while applying it.

Second, is sunscreen from Kosé. The most important thing of applying sunscreen isn’t about preventing yourself from getting tan, is about avoiding getting sunburn ,or even skin cancer. With scorching sun recently, it’s really important to protect your skin.

After finishing my simple skincare routine for the makeup, I’ll apply some face protector on my brow bones, eyelids to my cheek.

My new favorite, is this DreamSkin cushion. In order to create a refreshing look and a no-makeup look, I only apply it to my brow bones, nose and the parts under my eyes.

And then, I’ll just jump right to eye makeup. Usually with this eye palette, I’ll only use number 1,3,4 and 7 for summer. The reason why I choose these 4 matte color is because my face could get oily during summer, using pearl or metal eye shadow could easily make me look even more awkward.

For today, in order to correspond my dress, I chose number 1, dark brown on my outer eyelids to blend with the dark violet, which is number 3 on the inner eyelids.

In order to make me look more awake, I’ll also apply white eye liner on the inner part of my waterline.

Instead of using brow powder, I like to use brow pencils more because brow pencils can save me a lot of time. I always keep two colors of brow pencils: one is light brow which I apply at my brows’ inner parts, another is chocolate brown which applied at the brows ends.

Before lip color, applying lip balm is my basic routine.

These days, I’m in love with lip tattoo, it really meets a lazy girl’s needs- it won’t be wiped off easily during your meal or drink water.

When I’m applying lip color, I like to apply it in the center of my lip and blend out the color with the upper lip.

Finally, we’ve dressed up our fine cloths and put on some makeup, it’s time for the final touch.

You all know me that a pair of sunglasses is my must have every day, just like what Karl Lagerfeld once said, “Sunglasses are like eye shadow, they make everything looks younger and prettier.”

And since the dress I wore for today was already eye-catching, I won’t choose some exaggerate accessories to put on myself. Less is more, when you’re styling, you need to know how to balance the materials you put.

But in the end, you still need to know this cliché: I know every girl has her own form of beauty, its just a matter of discovering it and celebrating it. -Coco Rocha

Don’t let other people’s critiques or opinion affect your definition of beauty and your confidence.

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