What’s In My Small Vacation Bag Back To My University

It’s been a month since I left the university to my home town and all of the job interviews had finished, I finally had time to go back to the university to receive the bachelor certification.

Within a month, I’ve been busy preparing my resume, CV and portfolio, hadn’t had time to fully take a reset; hence, I’ve planned myself a small trip and had fun as a student one last time before becoming a full-time worker.

Since I was back to this town for a relaxing trip, there was no need to dress in chic outfit, I gave up my favorite pointed shoes and heels; also my rosy PRADA bag. This time, I was covered in soft textures from head to toe.

During this two-day trip, all I needed to pack was a suit of outfit, underwear and some packing bottles of skin care products.

No matter I’m on a long trip or short trip, if I have enough personal time and without specific schedule, I’m used to carry a bag with big capacity; though, my style have never been only functional and sportive.

It’d be so wonderful if I can take care of both casual and show my personal style!

Remember that I was invited to be one of the independent designers on VIDA.com and released a few products of mine. A man is valued as he makes himself valuable, of course I’d showed some supports to my own designs.

During this summer time, I bought myself this name named Wondering in Fantasy, its green tone and the shiny spot lights bring some energy to the long hot lazy summer; the comfy touch of the straps could bring no pressure to our shoulders, let me strolling in the mountain and on the street at ease.

Maxi pads (or tampons) are must-have for every girl, even though period makes us feel uncomfortable, irritated and sick, we can’t admit that our period will come and visit us every month without any warning, it’d be safer to bring 2-3 packs with us every day.

Speaking of my signature, of course are sunglasses; except stay at home, I’ll always bring a pair of sunglasses with me.

This year, I’ve been carrying this rosy pink Sideral2 from DIOR debuted last October. It’s rose gold metallic frames make it look creative; pastel color makes it match any kind of outfit style.

I’m also an amateur blogger, taking photos is on my daily schedule so I bring my camera with me every single day. Although the resolutions for our smartphones have become higher, I still prefer the feel of holding a camera, adjusting the aperture and clicking the bottom with my fingers.

Making new friends isn’t as easy as being a student, it’s not so easy anymore to have a dinner date, go shopping or travel with friends frequently and we don’t have a lot of time to make an impression by cultivating. The easiest way to introduce you is to hand over the name card.

Before, I was distressed by not finding a satisfied name card holder, luckily, our graduation gift from the university was a minimalist black name holder, our school had helped me solved one of my problems.

Another of my essentials is an umbrella. I’ll always bring an umbrella with me in spite of the weather is fine outside when I go out, we can never forecast when will it rain and neither can the weather forecaster have a 100% sure about their calculation. I’d rather bring an umbrella to be prepared for any chance that might be raining with me than complaining the weather when it rains.

Last but not the least; I’m used to carry a novel. Instead of playing smartphone, I like the smell of books and the sound of flipping pages better. Even if I read both Chinese and English novel, I like to bring English novel with me recently because the material of English novels is lighter than Chinese novels, make them more convenient to bring and easier to read while waiting in line or at piecemeal time.

However, even though I love to read, I still need my smartphone with me. Sometimes, it’s necessary to scroll our social medias!

Different kind of bag will bring me different kind of mood; every time when I bring my designed bag will make me joyful, not only it represent my style, but the soft texture also helps me take care of the convenience and practicality.

If you are interested in designed bag, welcome to my VIDA shop page, new product will be launched soon! https://studio.shopvida.com/profile

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