I think there is beauty in everything. What normal people would perceive as ugly, I can usually see something of beauty in it.

Je pense qu’il y a les beautés en toute chose. Ce que les gens considèrent laid, je peux trouver son beauté.


Nereid’s Murmuring Diary

Why can I keeping coming up with new ideas for my illustrations and blog posts, that’s the thing people usually ask me about.

Just like everyone, I don’t have unlimited resources every week, sometimes I’ll feel tired or powerless for not being able to write a new post, even unable to type a single phrase; however, what I love to do is to observe.

In the novel, Sherlock once asked Dr. Watson about how many steps are there on the stairs and him couldn’t answer. Sherlock expressed, “You see but you did not observe.”

To me, observing is an important thing. I love to stare at any thing that suddenly catches my eyes, no matter it’s a cat, a rotten bike or even a scratch on the door, I’ll always come up a short story for it, it can be a horror story, love story, fantasy story or a story without any sense.

Idea is like fish, it’s hard to catch, hard to discover, but if you observe carefully, it’s actually everywhere around us. Sometimes what other people think is boring, you could usually see a different side of it.