Bonjour, As I Step On A Pair Of Comfortable Shoes In This Rainy Day

Dressing up yourself beautifully isn’t about how much you’ve spent on the clothes, with the manners and charisma you’ve been developing, a pair of inexpensive shoes can also bring out the momentum of million dollars.

With different kind of shoes made with different types of material: canvas, leather, patent leather, silk, mesh; high heel, cone heel, kitten heel, flats or sneakers, all of them can create a different style for the same outfit.

This day, I put on a piece of simple black top and jeans, created my highlight with a piece of camel hoodie and a beret in the same color, wearing a pair of elegant black heel and using red lipstick as the finishing touch. Creating an elegant “French style” was just that easy- less is more, and without efforts.

Nonetheless, to achieve an effortless look, every detail becomes even more important. The tone of the red lipstick, the height of the heels, and the clearly outlined shape of the hat…… the smallest error or differences will cause the variation, and sometimes, the quality.

So in your opinion, what’s the ideal height of heel?

7 centimeter, that is the ideal height of heels to me. Compared to kitten heels, it brings out more feminism; compared to stilettos, it brings out less pressure to other people. Heels in the height of 7 centimeters are just like the collar of traditional kimono, emphasize the sexy and beauty of the ankles- slender and graceful.

Walking in a cold rainy day, my shoulders are in pain caused by the thick coat and freezing weather; my hands are busy due to holding an umbrella and my mood is depressed and tired since I need to concentrate on the puddles while walking. Hence, wearing a pair of comfortable and light shoes is the most important thing to me; otherwise, you just increase the tension on yourself even more. When it comes to choosing the heels, the first thing I focus on is the spongy and flexible soles and the soft edges because my feet usually get extra tired and sore in the rainy day since I ‘m walking way too carefully in order to avoid the splash.

What I love about this pair of heels is the cut out on the side. Like I mentioned before, the shoe size of mine is small; however, my feet are chubby, sometimes when I’m buying heels, it would either be too tight or too larger for me. The cut out on the side allows my chubby feet to relax secretly.

Women usually said if it’s for being stylish and beautiful, they will be able to tolerate the pain and the inconvenience, but if there’s the outfit or shoes that can balance its charm and comfort, then why not choosing it?

But heels aren’t the best choice for a lazy day after all. In order to enjoy a relaxing walk, nothing is better than putting on a pair of soft flats and walking along the street with springy steps.

Black and white shoes are everywhere in the world because they are easy to match with any type of outfit, but there’s just not enough comfy flats in my shoe cabinet. Being a white collar who couldn’t spend the money however I want, “being easy to match” is as crucial as “being chic” to me.

A pair of white comfy flat is the second best color matching assistance after black and white. If we say black and bring out the mysterious, sexy and professional feminism; white can create a kind of high fashion taste, creativity, and allure, then grey, a color which is between black and white will be a neutralizer that can formulate a sense of youthful and energetic atmosphere.

Replacing the black heel with this pair of grey comfortable flats, with the energy created by the bouncy soles, the look of a chic woman suddenly became a cheerful high school student chasing in the rain with her short raincoat.

Sometimes, wearing a pair of heels to be charming and sometimes relax your feet with a pair of pleasant flats is the way to maintain the eternal style.

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