The Modern Silk Road of SHIATZY CHEN

In 1978, SHIATZY CHEN was established with the mission to create ‘neo-Chinese chic’ that emphasized traditional Chinese craftsmanship and fusion of the East and the West to weave a fashion ‘scenescape,’ stitch by stitch.

(All the runway photos are from SHIATZY CHEN.)

How long haven’t you been observing the nature? How long haven’t you had nature at your fingertips? Since the industrial revolution, people seem to forget how we need to respect our mother nature; however, due to a plenty of climate changes in the recent years, environmental awareness has now risen to a new height.

For 2018 spring summer fashion show, SHIATZY CHEN had created a new Silk Road in a modern way to remind us the importance of the Mother Nature and how our ancestors had respected the environment.

At the first glance of SHIATZY CHEN’s design this season, the design of ankle length trouser, wavy long dress, soft black lace, transparent blue blouse and red outfits, seems like a piece of elegant Shan Shui painting, a style of traditional Chinese painting that involves or depicts scenery or natural landscapes, that outlining the magical color of the sunset, the magnificent view of mountains, the continuous river and the silhouette of flocks of birds.

The most interesting part of this collection was that, when you carefully observing the details of this clothing line, you could see the shape of the traditional cloth of Hua Xia ethnic group- the ancestor of we Han ethnic group. Resembling our ancestor who awed the strong power of the nature and was thankful for the benefit that their motherland had brought to the world at the same time; SHIATZY CHEN used the thin belt with a long tail, flats with smooth edge tied up with thick straps and the long one-piece dress with stand-up collar, recreated the conventional outfit people wore during the era, the period when people used other pieces of long fabric to fix the clothing and cover up the body.

The delicate designs of the flats are also a recreation of our ancient embroidered shoes fabricated by satin. Satin was the main material of these shoes which were worn during the catwalk, it was an important Chinese craft before Common Era, one of the major goods traded with the western world through the so-called “Silk Road” since B.C. 963, also, the remarkable wedding gown worn by Queen Victoria in 1840 on her wedding. What’s more noteworthy about the shoes SHIATZY CHEN designed was that she rebounded the satin and covered up the edges, she also folded the small pleats on the top of the shoes, just like what the Hua Xia and Han ethnic group had worn.

Besides designing the earth into her clothing, why did SHIATZY CHEN create a set of clothing line that contained such a strong Asian style for the 2018 spring-summer ready-to-wear? Pronouncing the name of the brand, SHIATZY, “SHIA” shares the same pronunciation with “Xia” in Chinese, one of the meanings of “Xia” refers to the Hua Xia ethnic groups; “TZY”, in the Chinese character means the beautiful body shape of women. What SHIATZY CHEN wants to create is an amazing fashion brand for the women throughout the world, yet let people know and remember that her designs concern her own culture. For SHIATZY CHEN, no matter where are you now, it is crucial to remember your root.