The Rhapsody of Birkin Bag

This day, I was on an airplane, sitting beside a man who looks like a designer, Jean-Louis Dumas, I found his name later during this flight.

“Oops!” Suddenly, a lot of the personal belongings just fell off from the overhead compartment; there was only one magnetic button for the big closure of the straw bag, which made it very easy for the belongings to drop out if the bag falls down. Anyway, it felt so embarrassing to scramble to pick up all of the stuff that fell to the deck.

“You should have to carry a bag with pockets.” The man said after the belongings were all back in the straw bag and stored in the overhead compartment again. “Well, if one day Hermès make one with pockets, then I will carry that.” This was the sentence the man received as the replied. Actually, it’s was just a casual chat to the passenger who’s sitting right next to you, never thought something like the plot in the movie would ever happen in the real life- “But I am Hermès and I will put pockets in for you.” The man said as he heard the keyword, Hermès. Yes, the fellow passenger was actually the chief executive of Hermès named Jean-Louis Dumas.

“I’ll make it for you.” Jean-Louis Dumas replied to … hold on, he replied to me?

I’m Jane Birkin? I woke up suddenly, finding myself lying on my bed, holding Ms. Claud- a crocodile stuffed animal I bought from the US three years ago. Seems like I just had a weird dream which made me thought I was the heroine of this remarkable Birkin bag. Maybe a talk with Ms. Claud before bed just reminded me that Himalayan crocodile Birkin bag which priced at $432,000, what a crazy world fashion industry is.

Birkin bag, the world’s most famous handbag owned by Olivia Palermo, Kate Moss, and Victoria Beckham… almost all the celebrities that you can name out their names have their own Birkin bag, some could be an ordinary Birkin bag with a plain surface; some could be the one and only Birkin bag painted by the artist or even by your baby- like Kim Kardashian’s. To me, Birkin bag is just like Ferrari in its significant and classical red; comparing to be fashionable and stylish, I think Birkin bag has become an item that represents your fame and your wealth, just like the latest iPhone X, the price of Birkin bag is higher than most of the used car! If I could buy a car for myself, why would I spend the money to purchase a bag that I won’t use every day?

Ironically, that’s what “normal people” would think of, because first of all, it’s not a bag, it’s a Birkin! Said Samantha Jones, in the second season of Sex and the City; also, if one could purchase a piece of Birkin bag, why would he or she ever care about the price of that Birkin bag could be able to buy a used car? This reminds me the achievement that I want to achieve in this fashion fantasy. Like it or not, we have to admit that Birkin bag is just like the microcosm of fashion industry: The smooth surface made by the finest calf leather or the premium crocodile, ostrich and goat skin is just like the glamour look of this stylish world; all of the locks, keys, and buckles of Birkin bag are plated with palladium or with gold, these rare and precious metals used in the hardware of Birkin bag just represent how fashion industry cares about everything, even the smallest details need to be perfect; insist every Birkin bag should be hand-made is just like the persistence of being detailed and delicate on everything; almost every model of Birkin bag is limited edition, it’s just like the unique and unreplaceable ideas all the fashion designers own; and last, there are endless choice for the color of Birkin bag, that makes some people even say that no one does color better than Hermès, and it just seems like the colorful life in the world of fashion.

The magic and value Birkin bag brings are beyond words, it’s so surprising that Birkin bag has higher value than stocks or gold as gold had an average annual return of 1.9 percent, while Birkin bag reaches a peak by holding an average annual return of 25 percent, and the value of Birkin bag is still increasing at an unbelievable rate. It’s definitely a new way to be our long-term investment.

Birkin bag, an incredible design which Hermès has been using it to lure the world. Did Jane Birkin ever except that people would be so crazy about a bag that named after her?

Nevertheless, Birkin bag is still an accessory that I’ll never purchase for myself, it’s so popular that you can see it everywhere in the world.